AiBeTrade Ecosystem

Welcome to the future of the cryptosphere, where tradition merges with innovation, creating new opportunities for everyone.

We are excited to introduce you to the world of AiBeTrade — a revolutionary ecosystem that is ready to change your perception of cryptocurrencies and open the doors to unexplored opportunities in crypto trading and crypto assets.

AiBeTrade represents a single platform that combines modern tools and technologies: from auto trading and P2P exchange of crypto assets to launchpads, a marketplace for tokenized assets, and social projects. Altogether, this forms an advanced, efficiently functioning ecosystem for the benefit of each of its participants.




Proudly introducing ABT Coin—not just another cryptocurrency, but the heart of our AiBeTrade ecosystem, a treasure trove of opportunities for growth and interaction in the world of digital assets.

ABT Coin is created for those ready to move forward, explore new horizons in crypto technologies, and participate in creating a decentralized future.



Integral Currency

ABT Coin is a unique cryptocurrency designed for transaction settlements, distributing profits within and beyond the AiBeTrade ecosystem. ABT Coin is an integral part of the development of the ecosystem and the Community.


Emission Volume

The total emission volume is 21 billions coins based on the TON blockchain. This means the number of coins is limited to a single issue and does not imply dilution of its value.



Mining is carried out by ecosystem users: daily drops, inviting, accomplishing tasks, boosts, service payments, and other activities.



The mining of the coin will be halved every 210 mln. coins. This will create deflationary pressure on the coin, which will stimulate early involvement and the development of active community members.


Limited emission: With a fixed total supply of 21 billions coins and a halving mechanism, the coin has a deflationary character, potentially leading to an increase in its value as demand grows.

Transparency and fairness: By involving the community in the mining and project management processes, a high level of transparency and trust is offered, which is a key factor for coin holders.

Growth and ecosystem expansion: Strategic development of the ecosystem with the continuous addition of new products, services, and partnerships, increasing the utility of the coin and its consumer demand.

Early participation and incentives: Rewards and special offers for early participants. Community events and workshops, valuable gifts, and prizes. All tools available to build interest in the coin, its value, and the formation of a sustainable community.

ABT Coin objectives

Ensuring universality and integration: ABT Coin aims to create a universal currency integrating various aspects of the financial and investment landscape, including auto trading, crypto asset exchange, startup acceleration, real asset tokenization, and self-improvement.

Increasing accessibility and reducing barriers: ABT Coin aims to lower the entry threshold into the world of crypto assets and trading, providing accessible and efficient tools for a wide range of users, enabling investments in diverse assets worldwide without high commissions and intermediaries.

Profit distribution and participation incentives: ABT Coin is designed to not only facilitate settlements but also to redistribute profits from the entire ecosystem's activities, encouraging active participation in community life and collaborations.

ABT Coin objectives

Supporting Innovation and Startup Development: A key goal is to provide resources and a platform for the development and launch of new projects, fostering innovation and giving investors access to promising startups at early stages.

Voting and Participation in Decision Making: ABT Coin serves as a voting tool, allowing its holders to participate in making key decisions within the ecosystem, thereby supporting democracy and transparency in governance processes.

Fostering Personal Development: Through the "Heritage" platform and other initiatives, ABT Coin aims to contribute to users' personal growth and transformation, emphasizing the importance of self-improvement and leaving a mark on the world.


Our goal is to provide you with everything needed for successful engagement with the digital economy, regardless of your experience or interests.

Auto-Trading Platform

Whether you're interested in cryptocurrency, forex, or the stock market, our platform offers a universal solution that combines all these areas. The platform includes the ABT Neural network, employing artificial intelligence technologies. More...


P2P Crypto Asset Exchange

Our exchange platform will allow users to directly exchange crypto assets without intermediaries. Forget about high fees and the restrictions of traditional exchanges!

Launchpad and Token Sale Platform

The perfect platform for start-ups and investors. We are preparing tools for launching new projects and the opportunity to invest in promising startups at an early stage.

We are focused on creating an ecosystem that aligns with the desire for innovation, freedom, and self-actualization.

Tokenization of Real Assets

Our platform will allow the conversion of physical assets into digital tokens! This opens new horizons for investment, allowing investing in real estate, art, and much more around the world, also enhancing the value of ABT Coin.

Personal Transformation Platform

A unique platform that operates at the intersection of self-development and technology. The platform will help unlock your potential and constantly improve and transform.


$0m $21b

Start End

Mining Start

April 29, 2024


Q4 2024*


Q1 2025*

Max. Mining 24h.

$ 0.00

Mining Volume

0.00 ABT (0.0%)


* Planned period

Token Distribution

Coin Availability Restrictions

Project owners and development team: 2 years from the moment of listing with quarterly gradual unlocking

Early investors: 12 months with gradual coin unlocking

Public offering: 1 month

Development fund and reserve: coins unlocked only upon reaching certain project development goals or in case of critical market fluctuations.

Community and marketing: no restrictions

Staking and rewards for holders: no restrictions. The reward plan for the staking program will be presented after the listing.




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Legal Note

This material is provided for informational and discussion purposes only.

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The company is committed to adhering to local laws and business standards applicable in various jurisdictions.

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While the company may raise funds through the sale of tokens in the future, nothing in this material should be considered as an offer or invitation to invest in or subscribe to any tokens, assets, or other instruments.

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